Visa Services

Visa Application Documents

  1. Front and last page of the passport. Passport to have a minimum six months validity.
  2. Passport size photograph.
  3. Confirmed Return Flight Ticket.
  4. If the Visa applicant has visited UAE before, please include the exit stamp page.

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Visa Rates

Please find below the Visa rates for Single and Multiple Entries - Inside and Outside the country. For Certain Nationalities, the rates, deposit conditions, and issuance timeframe can differ; our consultants will contact you with the details. 

Visa Type 30 Days 60 Days
Outside Country - Single Entry AED 350 AED 550
Outside Country -Multiple Entry AED 700 AED 750
Outside Country - Child AED 100 -
Inside Country - Single Entry AED 980 AED 1100
Inside Country – Multiple Entry AED 1450 AED 1500
Inside Country - Child AED 700 -
Bangladesh – Outside Country AED 380 AED 580
Bangladesh – Inside Country AED 1000 AED 1250